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See what awaits you in

Arlington Woods



 Located just 5 miles south of Bowling Green Ohio on State Rt 25, Arlington Woods is a 

   private residential neighborhood with approximately 120 acres of nature's beauty.  

There are 37 lots nestled on about 40 acres of woods, woods as natural as the day

the trees and plants sprouted from the earth.  An additional 70+ acres of meadow and woodland

provides for the exclusive enjoyment of the property owners.  There are numerous walking

trails where it is not uncommon to spot a deer cross the trail in front of you, catch a glimpse

of a fox or wild turkey.  Kids enjoy playing and "exploring" the expansive surroundings.

​Arlington Woods is a great place to live, from raising a family, to retirement and everything

in between.  When you enter the "WOODS" you feel that you are leaving the hustle behind.

You can experience the glory and beauty of each season; from Spring, when the woods

comes to life with wildflowers of all types, to Summer and the gentle breezes through the

shade trees, to Fall and all the vivid colors, and finally into Winter and the feel of actually

living in a Christmas card when the snow covers the ground and trees.  So come drive 

through and give us a look, and the "WOODS" might hook you.